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Upcoming financial services events to be held in Myanmar


11th Mobile Money & Financial Inclusion Summit 2020

Mobile Money and Financial Inclusion Summit 2020


Date: 18-19 February 2020


Venue: ParkRoyal Hotel, Yangon 


The mobile money industry has seen incredible growth — in 2018, a record 143 million registered customers were added globally.  There are more than 866 million registered accounts in 90 countries and $1.3 billion transacted daily (GSMA 2019).  Mobile money and its various functions are playing a vital role in financial inclusion in emerging markets.  The financial sector is expected to focus on giving low-income individuals access to safe, reliable, convenient and affordable financial services.  31 emerging markets have seen an impressive increase in financial inclusion rates, which can be attributed to simultaneous growth in active mobile money use.


However, access alone is not sufficient.  These accounts need to be actively used to actualize the benefits of finance to individuals and businesses.  Addressing trust and financial literacy issues in these segments will need special attention.  The Central Bank of Myanmar has taken a leading role in the development of this sector and plans to develop digital payments interoperability between industry participants.  This development presents the exciting opportunity for customers to transact at thousands of merchants around the country, through shared infrastructure provided by the mobile operators and banks.


The 11th Mobile Money & Financial Inclusion Summit is the established platform bringing the industry stakeholders together to discuss the latest regulatory, industry and technological developments and opportunities.  This event will explore the diversification and expansion of the mobile money value proposition — from enterprise solutions for micro, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to e-commerce, credit, savings and insurance.


This conference will be co-located with the 3rd Emerging Asia E-Commerce & Last Mile Logistics Summit.  Both events will be dedicated to exploring the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly changing landscape with emphasis on technology, innovation and shaping reforms. 


To enquire or reserve your seats, contact Jose at +65 6846 2366 or


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Breakfast Talk on "Private Equity and the Role of Non-executive Directors"


Breakfast talk on "Private Equity and the Role of non-executive Directors"


Date: 25 February 2020


Location: Ballroom Sule Shangri-la Hotel


Breakfast Talk on "Private Equity and the Role of Non-executive Directors" to be hosted by Myanmar Institute of Directors.

Josephine Price, the inaugural chair of MPE&VCA, Co-founder of Anthem Asia, will be discussing a wide range of topics that effect Myanmar’s public and private sectors nowadays.

Free of charge for MPE&VCA members.



ANDE Investment Manager Training


ANDE Investment Manager Training


Date: 2-6 March 2020


Location: Yangon, Myanmar


The ANDE Investment Manager Training is an intensive five day course which covers all aspects of investing in small and growing business (SGBs) - from deal sourcing and due diligence to exit strategies. The course will focus on deals across emerging markets, with reference to global case studies.


This five day course is based largely on actual deals made by ANDE members and is designed to be highly interactive and participatory. It will also focus on the social and environmental impact of investing at this level, and how that affects the investment process. This is the only course of its kind that focuses on both investing in emerging and developing markets and impact investing.


If you are interested in gaining additional knowledge on investing in early stage deals in emerging markets from some of the leaders in the field, then this is the course for you.



Registration Link:


3rd Myanmar Insurance Summit

3rd Myanmar Insurance Summit

Date: 27-28 April 2020


Location: Sule Shangri-La, Yangon, Myanmar


With the success of the two Myanmar insurance summits in 2014 and 2018, Asia Insurance Review is taking up this challenge to host the 3rd Myanmar Insurance Summit from 27-28 April 2020 in Yangon, with support from the Ministry of Finance of Myanmar and Myanma Insurance.


This summit will help local and foreign players maximise their potential in the market and bring leading experts and industry leaders together to provide a comprehensive analysis of the insurance landscape in Myanmar today. 


Aside from looking at critical issues, major challenges and opportunities in the growing market, the two-day summit will provide a good platform for local companies to make their pitch on their strengths and expertise in the market - and to showcase the Myanmar insurance sector now and for the future. 

Examining the full picture of insurance and technology with all the disruption that has taken place in the country, the summit will also give a quick overview of the potential in Myanmar for foreign players while highlighting the power of strategic alliance and partnership to bridge the protection gap in the country.


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